Via a Blogpost by Zeitensprung I was inspired to think about my bed-equipment and I thought, I might be in need of a hovedpole/bolster for my bed. And I finally finished the long planned project.


You could already read on this blog that I made a  simple man’s ensemble for my husband.

Some time ago, I found this beautiful indigo-dyed wool twill online and since I am working towards a higher ranking Impression myself, I thought, I could do the same for him while I collect my own materials.


Whenever I was spinning in the last years, I just had the wool flocks held in my hand. It was practical enough when going by metro or train, where I would usually spin. But I have not been entirely content with that for some time and during my research for …well not really an impression but some accessories that fall into the theme of shepherds and outdoor equipment, I started thinking about having my own made.

During my visit at the museum Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig however, I got the right hint. (more…)

Flicken in einem der Herjolfsnes-Kleidungsstücke

Darning in a Viking cap

Darning in Medieval Textiles

Invisible Mending at the Shroud of Turin

Darning in an ancient tunic

Darning in clothing of the late antiquity

Die Lendbreen Tunika



Sheperd’s budget

29.09.2016 by Rotschopf in Textile work

Since I have a sheperd’s weapon now and a sheperd’s instrument, I thought, well then I can go full sheperdess! Although it is very likely, I will never be able to get to a sheep-herd any time soon, in case I do get the chance, I already have the equipment! Yay!


I just wanted to give you a little glimpse on a technique which is fairly new to me and which I am about to try out for the first time, filet knitting or netting.

Unfortunately I could not find a lot of information about the technique in its medieval form. I was very impressed by this tutorial here from Via Nostra (Thanks a lot!),  which uses the techniques described by Therese de Dillmont and Katrin Kania.

I asked my husband to film me while netting.


So, I know, I let it slide a bit since the last parts….

The search for original pictures of shirts from my time and region is not as easy as I thought. You often see them, but only worn underneath the kyrtle.



02.12.2015 by Rotschopf in Textile work

A small Work-in-progress to go:

I struggle with knitting for a while now. The basic techniques of medieval knitting are not complicated at all, it is mostly just plain stockinette from what I have seen in original pieces. The patterns are made in Fair Isle-Technique.

BUT the original pieces from the 14th century are all made from fine silk thread which requires the use of very fine, but stable needles. Nikolaus has made some really nice ones for me from brass and I could finally start working using very nice plant dyed silk in green and brown from Marled Mader. I am going for a nice little bag for Nikolaus.



16.10.2015 by Rotschopf in Clothing, Textile work

I had two garters of fine leather with copper-alloy-buckles, yet I lost them somewhere along the event-season. I definitely needed new ones. From wool this time