Our offer for your event

  • Camp with historical tents and equipment, Every day sigmaessays life interpretation, Vivification of historical houses and castles (Laundry, games, cooking etc.)
  • Presentation tables for different topics of medieval history (can be adjusted to your special topic, regional focus is however Vienna)
  • Fashionshow (14 century or multiperiod, in cooperation with IG14 members and affiliated interpreters)

  • Craft display: Plant dyeing, Braiding and weaving with willows, grasses and bass, Fingerloop, Naalbinding, spinning of wool and linen, Woolprocessing, Goldthread making, Silk making, tablet weaving, embroidery, netting, sewing, toy making, broom making
  • Workshops for different crafts (only upon reservation and in small groups) – f.e. Plant dyes
  • Theatrical interpretation
  • Presentation and communication with the guests in german, english, spanish, italian and homework portal partly french



For indoor events we require – depending on the nature and volume of our presentation – tables for our presentation, a room for  dressing up and leaving our modern luggage, parking space for at least 1 car in close proximity to the venue for unloading. Our camp consits of 2 conic tents and 1 solar panel for which we require about 10 x 10 m space. Furthermore straw and firewood

If you are interested in booking us, please write us an email or letter containing the following information

  • Where?
  • When? (incl. time for preparations and departure)
  • Which kind of event? (Museum, Workshop, School/Kindergarten,…)
  • What are your expectations for us? (lecture, fashionshow, craft display, presentation tables, camp life etc)
  • Is there a programme already? Will there be one?