City map of Vienna 1350

Viennese city history is far beyond boring if diving into the original sources. We tried to reconstruct historic places within the medieval city of Vienna and transfer their location onto a modern map of the city which we try to keep updated while doing research.

We also intend to add photos of the sites from today and document the history of single buildings.

We would love to see that this map is inspiring some of our Viennese readers and visitors of our beautiful city to a citywalk on the trails of medieval Vienna, even if mostly only a few signs of the monuments-office and house-owners tell about the medieval treasures under the younger buildings of the inner city district.

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Red crosses – churches

Red markers with a dot – monasteries

Blue waves – bathhouse

Green areas – market

Bed – Hospitals and plague houses

Green markers – courts or places of execution

Yellow houses – guild houses, interesting civil houses, ware houses

Pink Marker – jewish quarter

Ruins – City gates

? – Mills (not necessarily 14 century)

Purple – Universities/Schools

Purple pins – gothic familytowers

Blue lines – creeks or rivers

Blue markers – Bridges


Since we are only humans and this is a project born from our Hobby, we can not guarantee for any mistakes made in this map. We would be happy to receive your critics and ideas in order to make the map a better product!


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