The IG 14th century in Vienna

ig14_back_kleinThe Interessensgemeinschaft “14. Jahrhundert in Wien” is a union of about a dozen active Living history interpreters which has developed in 2012. All of them have chosen the 14th century in sigmaessays Vienna to be their main goal of recreating.

We try to communicate a credible picture of simplefolk, citizens and artisans in Vienna of the 14th century.

All of our members are connected through a great interest in in-depth research and a practical implementation of our knowledge in order to create a high-end reconstruction of Viennese way of life in the chosen period. The exchange with museums and science is a very important part of our work.

Goals of the IG are meetings on a homework portal regular basis to exchange knowledge and skills, do research, fullfill the self-given education mandate (presentation of research for the public, mainly on our blogs and websites, but also in our equipment) as well as joint events in museums and other historical sites in Austria and the surrounding countries.

More information about this formation on our IG 14-Website!