Who we are

The registered association “Wienische Hantwërcliute 1350” has been founded in 2011 and puts a focus on recreating and representing medieval life and handcraft. The main occupation is the depiction of Viennese, citizens, simplefolk and sigmaessays craftsmen around 1350 A.D., just after the first large wave of the black death has left Austria again, a time of great change in society and when financially strengthened citizens rise to influence in the medieval city.

The association consists of 3 active members at the moment and cooperates with other 14th century focussed interpreters in Vienna and it’s surrounding in the community of interest “IG 14 century in Vienna”, which meets up regularly to share research, knowledge and sources. The IG14 has furthermore participated in several events and vivifications of historical buildings in Austria and abroad together.

Our goals require not only the acquisition of craft skills and new techniques but essentially also a high level of knowledge and research. We therefor seek an intense examination of local historic sources combining archeological records, texts from the period and academic work. We like to incorporate as many sources as possible before a reconstruction is made. All our equipment is recreated by us or by competent craftsmen using scientific methods, trying to stay as true as possible to our timeframe and region.

Where local sources are missing, we try to close the gaps by comparison with sources from other regions of Europe minding distance from Vienna, historical trade routes and influential connections of the Austrian citizens to the surrounding countries in that time (southern Germany, Italy, Bohemia, in parts France, England, Spain and the netherlands).

When presenting our work we try to make history “touchable” for our visitors and homework portal for exhibits behind glass to become alive for them, while still keeping the standard of a picture as true to the historical reality as possible. Our own conscience is the driving force for us to reach higher every day in getting our equipment closer to this reality.

Our Motto is “All or nothing” when it comes to the quality of our work :-)