02.12.2015 by Rotschopf in Textile work

A small Work-in-progress to go:

I struggle with knitting for a while now. The basic techniques of medieval knitting are not complicated at all, it is mostly just plain stockinette from what I have seen in original pieces. The patterns are made in Fair Isle-Technique.

BUT the original pieces from the 14th century are all made from fine silk thread which requires the use of very fine, but stable needles. Nikolaus has made some really nice ones for me from brass and I could finally start working using very nice plant dyed silk in green and brown from Marled Mader. I am going for a nice little bag for Nikolaus.

You can probably already see the pattern a bit, it’s supposed to be a squirrel holding a nut. (The squirrel-depiction is in fact from an original Viennese scource, but not knitted. And YES I do think about Scrat when knitting :-D ) Below the knit is my pattern, halv covered already since I am working row by row here. I really do not recommend knitting in bad lighting, the loops are extremely delicate and pull strings easily.



The loops are still too loose for my taste, for even better results it would require even finer needles. But once it is finished, stretched nicely and planed out, it will work very well on maybe a dark green silk lining.

On we go!