Contraception and Abortion in the Middle ages – a reading list

30.11.2023 by Rotschopf in Research and literature, Women's stuff

Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance – John M. Riddle

The Trotula – Monica Green

Women’s Secrets: A Translation of Pseudo-Albertus Magnus De Secretis Mulierum – Helen Rodnite Lemay

Alienated from the womb: Abortion in the early medieval West, c. 500-900 – Zubin Mistry

Frauenheilkunde in volkssprachigen Arznei- und Kräuterbüchern des 12. bis 15. Jahrhunderts – Dorothée Leidig

Die Persistenz des Verhütungswissens in der Volkskultur – Robert Jütte

Money, Population and Economic Change in late medieval Europe – W. C. Robinson

Demographic decline in late medieval England: some thoughts on recent research – Mark Bailey

Ibn al-Jazzar on women’s diseases, Gerrit Bos

Constantinus Africanus and the Conflict between Religion and Science – Monica Green

Lost in Translation: Items in medieval texts for regulating fertility – Theresa Tyers

Managing Childbirth and Fertility in Medieval Europe – Nick Howood et al.

Using the “poisons of sterility”: Women and contraception during the middle ages – Ciara Meehan

Birth control and abortion in the middle ages

An Illustrated History of Contraception – William Robertson

Contraception through the ages – Hugh Green

Sex and Secrecy: A Secular Prosecution of Abortion in Fourteenth-Century Zurich – Jamie Page

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