A silk filet

01.08.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing

Just a little item today, I trained tablet weaving and made this my first (pretty wobbly) piece.

DSCN9462 DSCN9463 DSCN9466 DSCN9465

10 tablets and plantdyed green, untwined silk, embellished with red coral beads.

I collected some pictural proof for these textile circlets here

Here you can see the circlet in action on my pretty model in Kramsach.


For lectures on hair care this is a great accesory which I just had to have. It is very practical because it is able to hold braids on its own. And when and if I finally finish my citizen’s wife impression, I may use it again. Or I make another one from better silk. And with maybe some pretty fittings and pearls. It will go perfectly with a nice silk hairnet.

I would like to give a shoutout to Andrea Hakanson and Neulakko and Lady Malina whom I got this idea from.

A written source on textile fillets can be found with  Geoffrey de la Tour Landry, who writes in his book “Livre pour l’enseignement des filles”: “Hir filet brood of silk” is “set ful hye” (on her forehead)

And another one in the sumptuary laws from Zurich from 1359: “Dar zu  sol ir enkeinú enhein waggen kron schappel mer tragen, daz von siden, von gold, von silber oder von dekeinem edeln gestein gemacht sij

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