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The story of this dress has been a long one. A couple of years ago, some hobby ladies (Hello Leah and Nina :-) ) saw this picture here and recognised as dog lovers that this scene perfectly illuminates how we feel for doggos. So we all had to have a pink dress like this one to recreate this scene. Even though pink isn’t really my colour. The fabric was bought but then lay around forever since I couldn’t bring up the motivation. I finally found the energy a couple of days before a late 14th century event I was invited to. (more…)

Today, I would like to talk to you about a special substance in medieval material substance, human hair. (more…)

…is a question asked all the time by beginners and more advanced reenactors who urgently need a new pair. You may of course be lucky and have a Karl in your group, as we have, who is open for our wishes. But not everybody is that lucky.

So to resolve this question with an easy link, I want to offer a (regularly updated) list of links for places to go to for your medieval shoes.


Usually on this blog, you are moving between the late 1340s and the early 1350s, but today, we are making a little trip to the very early 14th century.


A golden ribbon

07.09.2022 by Rotschopf in Clothing, Textile work

A project I started just for fun and training during the pandemic is finally finished.

I wanted to train my brocading skills a little more and had access to some very pretty fake gold thread which I really wanted to try out more. So I made this filet/headband in a pretty sky blue with a golden yellow border. (more…)

A silk belt

06.01.2022 by Rotschopf in Clothing, Reconstructions, Textile work

Hold on, you are not on the blog of my dear friend  and colleague  Niklas, der Girdler! No, this time, I will tell you about this belt myself, even if Nikolaus did have his fair share to do with this piece.

My impression of a wealthy crafters wife is slowly but surely being finalised. One large project that I had postponed for a long time and which I was working on for far too long, is finally finished. A belt suitable for this ensemble.


New garter ribbons

01.12.2021 by Rotschopf in Clothing, Textile work

I am incredibly unlucky with my garters. After loosing my first ones made from leather with buckles, now I lost my woven ones too and I needed new ones. They should be flexible, which wool provides and I chose a coarser wool that clings to the stockings. And they needed to be pretty broad in order to spread the pressure the right way. Other materials often bunch up and then cut into my legs. (more…)

Ich recently could get my hands on some pretty convincing fake gold thread and now I have some projects I had always wanted to do. One of them is a gold brocaded tablet woven filet ribbon which I had been inspired by an extant original by.


You probably already know some of my hairnet adventures. Knotting the net however is only a part of making a late medieval hairnet. While f.e. the London finds and Original illuminations  show unembroidered examples, the mass of  extant nets is embroidered.


I want to show you another tablet woven piece of mine which I made for a young interpreter colleague of mine.

I already collected the evidence for silk filets in this article of mine.