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3 years. That is how long I brought this stupid project along with me on every holiday and every event, doing a few loops at a time, then loosing motivation again, throwing it into a corner and picking it up again some time later. Now it is finally finished with a bit more than 20 000 knots.


Via a Blogpost by Zeitensprung I was inspired to think about my bed-equipment and I thought, I might be in need of a hovedpole/bolster for my bed. And I finally finished the long planned project.


Here I am collecting posts, that thematically fit the impression of a shepherdess. A work in progress.


Whenever I was spinning in the last years, I just had the wool flocks held in my hand. It was practical enough when going by metro or train, where I would usually spin. But I have not been entirely content with that for some time and during my research for …well not really an impression but some accessories that fall into the theme of shepherds and outdoor equipment, I started thinking about having my own made.

During my visit at the museum Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig however, I got the right hint. (more…)

Man’s best friend

27.08.2017 by Rotschopf in Material culture

Since this spring, me and my husband, our mice, vampire crabs and mini shrimps have another room mate:

Now our little basset mix of course has to come with us on several reenactment events and her modern leash and harness have been a thorn in my eye. (more…)

Flicken in einem der Herjolfsnes-Kleidungsstücke

Darning in a Viking cap

Darning in Medieval Textiles

Invisible Mending at the Shroud of Turin

Darning in an ancient tunic

Darning in clothing of the late antiquity

Die Lendbreen Tunika



Enough is enough! Throw your iron Toilet-paper-roll-burner (yes, that totally is a thing), your lamp oil covered torches and your stupid Visby lanterns out the window! This is not your allday Hollywood-dungeon, we are recreating the civilisation of late medieval times!

Here we will show you some of the numerous possibilities to light your medieval house, tent or road in a historical way.



Since I lost my paternoster a while ago (going by metro a little tipsy and with metal in my earphones on full volume I did not notice one pearl after the other falling from my belt spreading my paternoster all over Vienna) I needed a new one.

When I found these wonderfull coral pearls on an event in Purgstall (Austria), I had enough for 50 Ave Maria prayer beads and 6 pater noster prayerbeads.


Warning: This is a report about a failed experiment

For our vivification of the Bachritterburg Kanzach we wanted to have grilled chicken. Since the best grilled chicken is made over open fire on a spit, we needed a spit-support for the open fire hearth in the fort’s kitchen

DSC_0725 DSCN7646