New garter ribbons

01.12.2021 by Rotschopf in Clothing, Textile work

I am incredibly unlucky with my garters. After loosing my first ones made from leather with buckles, now I lost my woven ones too and I needed new ones. They should be flexible, which wool provides and I chose a coarser wool that clings to the stockings. And they needed to be pretty broad in order to spread the pressure the right way. Other materials often bunch up and then cut into my legs.

I wove these from wool thread from our very early dying days, (in this case madder and Buckthorn-Indigo) and made a few tabby woven ribbons. They are woven with a comb/rigid heddle, although heddle woven would be more correct, but the result is the same in the end.
And since I learned my lesson last time, I made 2 pairs straigt away so I can gradually loose and replace them over time :-D

More info on garters can be found here and here.

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