A new man’s hairnet – the shape is finally right!

08.11.2019 by Rotschopf in Textile work

You may or may not remember my first approach at a men’s hairnet for my colleague Karl.

Back then I wasn’t really happy with the shape of the net. After some tests and discussions with other netting-nerds in this  awesome Facebook group here I finally figured out the right shape that the netting needs to have to fit the original illuminations.

I added a trapezoid on a rectangle shape. For my hole-size that is 30 holes across and 40 holes high and after 15 rows I just started decreasing the sides.

This here was my first successfull prototype. I fit a new netting into the silk ribbon frame of my first try:

And this is the form I used for my second attempt.

I made the frame out of plain woven silk ribbon that I sewed in place. I used plain weave instead of tablet woven because I thought that tablet woven would probably be too sturdy to tie.
Then I arranged the loops on the frame which was quite annoying work and then sewed the net to the frame with small stitches.

And this is, what the net looks like on the wearer Simon:

For a short overview of the theory on this sort of net, please see my earlier article on it.

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