Sheperd’s budget

29.09.2016 by Rotschopf in Textile work

Since I have a sheperd’s weapon now and a sheperd’s instrument, I thought, well then I can go full sheperdess! Although it is very likely, I will never be able to get to a sheep-herd any time soon, in case I do get the chance, I already have the equipment! Yay!

I need a sheperd’s budget for the impression. Shepherds used to collect wool from their herds in these nets.

I collected the pictures in a pinterest-wall for you due to the large number of original pictures. If you do not have a pinterest account yet….. why??? :-D

Medieval depictions of shepherds

And I suggest to have a look at this collection: Sheep and Shepherds

And the pages of Karen Larsdatter:

Sheep shearing



Here is the budget:


I made it from strong linnen twine, which I netted in filet-technique. The result is a rectangular net, which I have gathered on two sides. Fill in the wool, there you go!