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I have written some articles about filet netting already, so I dont have anything to say in particular. A few impressions of a dark red (cochenille dyed) silk hairnet and its beautiful new owner. Silk as always is from Marled Mader – Archäotechnik texitle Fläche.

With this hairnet project I wanted to tackle several ideas and goals I held.


Kitguide from Baby to Toddler

06.10.2016 by Rotschopf in all, Clothing

Our youngest is already on his feet a lot and we felt it was time to give an overview over his kit …


  • First year:

According to sources, Babys in the first year of their life were mostly swaddled. Some were only swaddled up to the hip, some were fully wrapped. On their hats, babies often wear some sort of coif or hat.


For our photos, we swaddled our youngest, but not in a historical manner when it comes to how hard to pull the bandages. While a lighter form of swaddling is coming back into fashion these days, modern babies are neither used to this historical sort of firm swaddling, neither is it healthy for the baby. We would like to strongly advise against swaddling your baby without having consulted a professional in advance and we do not recommend to swaddle your child in a historical manner!!!

Our little one has a basic set of:

  • Linnen coif
  • loose kyrtle made of linnen
  • loose kyrtle made of wool

Optional (recommendable when the baby starts to become mobile):

Other items:


  • Second year:

Depictions of toddlers are rare, but show some similarities:

At home, children often go barefooted and in a loos kyrtle. When on the way with their mothers or fathers, they are often carried on their arms or in a wrap and sometimes already wear adult clothing styles.

Girls and boys both wear the same loose kyrtle in the first years and are not distinguished by gender in their clothing. Only with 6-7 years of age they start wearing genderindicating fashion of their parents.

The basic kit is

  • Kyrtle from linnen (+ 1 to change)
  • kyrtle from wool with buttons or a brooch to close tightly around the neck
  • Leathershoes


Other items:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Clay or wooden cup
  • Wooden bowl
  • Woolen blanket
  • Pillow
  • Straw matrace, linnen sheet, Babybed or cradle


Pattern for a toddlers kyrtle and coif




Further sources:

Pictures on children and parenthood in medieval times

Babywearing of babies and toddlers in medieval times
Caring for babies and toddlers in medieval times
Midwifery in late medieval times
Pregnancy and birth in late medieval times
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