17.02.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing

As I previously announced, I am about to extend my winter-equipment and what I wanted for a long time already was a pair of mittens, that keep my hands warm and dry.

Findings of mittens are numerous:
Skandinavia around 1300
Sweden late medieval
And again Sweden
And again, 14th century
I hate those spoiled by findings scandinavians…

And of course there are a few original pictures of mittens as well (strangely I could find more pictures of 2-finger-gloves, but more findings of mittens), also for Austrians:
Biblia Pauperum 1310-20
hm… ok, almost, Southtyrol, Castello Buonconsiglio, beginning of the 15th
and again and I noticed something here, at the edge of the mittens…

Is that fur? It would come in handy for a piece of clothing meant to warm you in winter….

And there is more:
Saint Jean de Maurienne, 15th century
Appearantly 12th century, Staraya Ladoga in Russland
We are getting closer, supposedly  14th century
Gloves of Henry VI, 15th c. do I see fur here?

And since rabbits are so fluffy and the hunter of Castel Buonconsiglio has his rabbit on the shoulder already, I thought it might be a good choice, although lamb would have been lovely as well.

For the pattern I stuck to the scandinavian findings with a separate thumb-piece, very simple actually.

And they are sooo warm! :-)

DSCN9089   DSCN9084

DSCN9087   DSCN9085

(you can still see the shotholes)

Maybe I will add some kind of string, that might be practical: (the midwife on the lower right side)


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