Three Leather bags

06.12.2020 by Rotschopf in Leather

One can absolutely not have enough leather bags for all the small items of everyday Hobby use. And since I have a lot of free time at hand at the moment, due to Lockdown measures, I finally made this project happen as well, making my own leather bags.

Disclaimer: These bags are relatively freely designed, but with elements that can be found in originals from the 14th century, especially in Schleswig, London, Konstanz and Lübeck. I have made them pretty basic, the rich embroidery and decorative seam embellishment, that can be found in the Schleswig finds f.e. seem to be pretty regional to the north.

Nr 1: Soft, oak tanned Sheeps leather, sewn on the left side and turned inside out, a sewn-on hanger and two closures made from split leatherstripes.


Nr 2: Soft goat leather, vegetable tan, sewn on the left side and turned inside out, has a leather hanger and one ribbon for closure. The tassles are made from split leather stripes.

Nr 3: A very simple model, a circle with cuts in the edges and a pullstring from leather.

All in All I am quite content with how they turned out. Sure, they are not nearly as great as what my more experienced colleagues can do, but for storage purposes, these will do very well.

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