A baked apple from the Rheinfränkisches Kochbuch cookbook

12.10.2021 by Rotschopf in Medieval cooking

When it is cold and foggy outside, there is no better desert than a baked apple.

The Rheinfränkisches Kochbuch from the year 1443 offers a delicious recipe which says “take figs, raisins and honey, chip it with spices and good thinks and put it into the apple. Fix it with a wooden stick and bake it in a pot with wine. This will be a noble dish.”

I took the freedom to spice it with some cinamon, use dates instead of figs and interpret “all good things” by taking some walnuts into the mix. then I put the apples into a small pot with a zip of white wine and cooked it for about 30 minutes in the oven.


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