Men’s costume from zero to hero – Part 5, the hood

18.07.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing, Tutorials

I will just act as though you were not waiting for the next part (the kirtle) since February and insert an entirely unplanned part. I had a few hours to kill and my other projects were on hold, so I made a hood for my husband from fabric I still had left over.


As for the picture-sources:

Lilienfelder Chronik around 1349      also here

and here, even sporting a bell or tassle of some sort  And again, worn as a hat

St Johann im Dorfe, Bozen around 1360

St Pölten, Cod 1203 around 1340 and here as a hat

Speculum Humanae Salvationis around 1340

Stift St. Lambrecht, Cod 714, around 1345

Fresko of the church in Hosin, Bohemia around 1325

For the pattern I used some of the numberous findings. I cut out 2 Rectangles, cut in a little “hook” under the chin and inserted gores on each shoulder.


Now that it is finished, I am thinking about inserting another gore in the front or back (although not prooven by finds) in order to make the shoulder section more smooth, or shortening the shoulder section as in the Herjolfsnes short hoods. The neck-part is probably a bit too long. But all in all, I am satisfied with the result and it fits my husband very nicely.

The material is Krapp-dyed wool twill, the lining is from very fine woad-dyed wool in tabby weave. the sewing was done with plant-dyed silk threads, but hardly shows. A plus is definitely that everything was still in my “scraps”-corner so I paied nothing for the whole thing.

DSCN9438 DSCN9436 DSCN9439


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