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A simple shirt / undergown

The last works of the winterseason are in progress. For our first event in April, I still needed a sleeveless undergown/shirt. I already had one from my medieval fair times, but it was much too short and made from cotton.

Die Quellen:

Dress from Ranis castle

Wenceslas bible bathhouse girls (just google the bible ;-))

Underdresses on WH1350

Armless underdress Giusto de Menabuoi, around 1376 Padua

Münster zum Heiligen Kreuz, Schwäbischgmünd around 1360

Photos of the Lengberg underdresses

The cut is really nothing special, just a trapezoid, 2 side seams, armholes and neckline-cut, seams, that’s it. I mostly worked with the Ranis castle dress for this.

On the pictures it really looks very short, but I swear, on me (1,75 m in height) it reaches just above the ankles and it is just very loosely cut, so that even on my pretty full figure, it has to be held by a little ribbon to make it look like some of the Wenceslas bible girls.

I might show you some pictures wearing it in April.










Great article about underdresses in the 14th century here und here