Female Dyer, Simplewoman 1340s-50s

20.06.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing

Another one of our full ensembles for women, working clothes for a simple woman (Dyer) around 1340-50 in Vienna.


What you see here:

Dyed with birch leaves and iron-sulphate, woolen twill after different original pictures from Austria and Germany around 1340-50, no buttons, sewn with fitting wool-thread and needle after the London findings More about it here

After the St. Birgitta coif finding, made from white linnen, embroidery and needle-lace in white silk More about it here

From Reseda-dyed woolen twill and woad-dyed blue silk, buttoned, after findings from London and original pictures from Austria. More about it here and here

Needle-jar on the belt:
Made from brass after findings from London. By Nikolaus Hofbauer. More about it here

Leather belt:
Dyed in iron-mordant with a simple buckle and end in brass. Made by Nikolaus Hofbauer. See a photo here.

After different original pictures, Smokwork after Luttrell Psalter. More about it here


What you can not see:

Shirt from linnen:
sewn after different finds and original pictures with white linnen thread. We do unfortunately not yet have pictures More information about it here

from Reseda-dyed woolen twill, sewn with wool thread of the same colour
With leather garters and brass-buckles, made by Nikolaus Hofbauer

Paternoster (optional):
after different original pictures and findings, made from bone and coral pearls on white silk  More about it here und here

In disc-technique with leather-scabbard, made by Nikolaus Hofbauer More about it here

leather shoes after the Lengberg findings, by Klaus Öchsler More about them here