Paternoster, Rosary, prayer beads

15.10.2015 by Rotschopf in Bone, Clothing, Material culture

Since I lost my paternoster a while ago (going by metro a little tipsy and with metal in my earphones on full volume I did not notice one pearl after the other falling from my belt spreading my paternoster all over Vienna) I needed a new one.

When I found these wonderfull coral pearls on an event in Purgstall (Austria), I had enough for 50 Ave Maria prayer beads and 6 pater noster prayerbeads.

So I went for 3 different sorts. One from 50 bone beads spiked with 6 coral (on the left), one from 50 coral spiked with 6 cristal (middle) and one psalm-prayer-rosary with 150 bone beads separated by 4 structured bone beads which I “pimped” with bees wax mixed with azur-pigment which I smeared into the carvings as you would do with bone dice (worked perfectly!!).

The tassels are from plant dyed silk in madder, indigo and dyer’s rocket-woad. I hopefully will be able to make some turks knots as well, come back soon to see them.


For theory of these prayer beads please go to our earlier articles (german only at the moment)  Paternoster and Kleiderordnungen