A pearl in the fisherman’s net – a new hairnet adventure

06.05.2019 by Rotschopf in Textile work

In general I don’t really feel pretty in my historical costume. My impression is a simple one, my clothing is practical and made after historical sources. That is about as much as it needs to be and my modern esthetics needs to give. Everything for the hobby!

But when I have to package my hair up and take the only thing away that will give my face structure, I at least want to do that with some high end accessories. I do that mostly in my citizen’s wife impression.

And so from beautiful dark purple silk thread by Marled Mader aka. Archäotechnik textile Fläche I made a new hairnet, adorned with little pearls.

Isn’t the colour simply gorgeous? The thread is dyed in indigo and madder if I remember correctly.

To bring in the pearls, I simply pull them on my working string and wrap them onto my netting needle together and then I just release them one by one when I reach the right spots.

As to historical sources, there is no extant hairnet I know that has pearls on it, but there are some original pictures that maybe show something of the kind.

Anyways, this is what it looks like when worn.

What I will definitely be adding is a tablet woven silk ribbon to tie it and I am thinking about embroidering some of the strings with silver threads. I will put an update here once that is finished as well.


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