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Buttons, Buttons, Buttons, A Man’s Kyrtle around 1350

You could already read on this blog that I made a  simple man’s ensemble for my husband.

Some time ago, I found this beautiful indigo-dyed wool twill online and since I am working towards a higher ranking Impression myself, I thought, I could do the same for him while I collect my own materials.

You can see kyrtles of this type here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

For the pattern, I decided to do something very tight around the chest and with wide folds around the bottom. I reached this by using gores from the waist down as can be seen in the Bocksten Man find. On the contrary to the simple man’s kyrtle, that I made for him before and that has gores starting below his arms in order to make the kyrtle very flowy and comfortable.

I sewed everything with indigo blue silk thread from Marled Mader, which is my favourite plant dyed silk yarn. The collar and button closures are all lined with plant dyed purple silk as in the London finds.



The buttons have been custom made by a very skilled crafter after the Wiener Neustadt treasure find. It won’t get any more regional than that.

A tutorial for button holes I already postet here. I used 60 buttons alltogether.

I am espacially happy with how well the tight sleeves fit him.



And that is what the kyrtle looks like on him. He is so handsome! <3