Silk embroiderer/Craftswoman 1340-50

29.03.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing

We would like to show you here the full ensemble of a craftswoman/silk embroiderer/citizen around 1340-1350. The outfit is quite conservative for the time and would also fit into earlier decades of the 14th century, the amount of fabrics used and the fashionable checker pattern of the suckenie though are a sign of the financial wealth of this woman.

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What you see here:

made from madder-dyed wool-twill, handsewn with copper-alloy-needles from the London findings with madder-coloured wool-yarn. After different original pictures from Austria and Germany. around 1340-50, pattern after the Herjolfsnes-findings, simple style with no buttons, the chest is adorned with a copper-alloy-brooch.

Veil and fillet:
square or oval veil after different Austrian pictures, made from white linnen in tabby weave, white linnen fillet around the chin. More about it here and here
Veil pins from copper-alloy and red coral pearls or silver (london findings)

Paternoster (optional):
after different origianl pictures and findings, agate pearls on white silk thread, decorated with redwood-coloured wool tassels More about it here and here

Leather belt:
From fine natural coloured leather, chased and with copper-alloy fittings. Made by Nikolaus Hofbauer

Sukenie (optional):
Sukenie sleeveless from tabby woven chequered wool-fabric from woad, reseda and madder dyed yarn after findings from london, after different original pictures from the first half of the 14 century in Austria More about it here.


What you do not see:

Shirt from linnen:
sewn with white linnen thread after different original pictures, unfortunately without pictures so far, we will get some hopefully soon Find more information here

from wool-twill, sewn with wool thread in the same colour More about it here
Garters from leather with copper-alloy buckles, made by Nikolaus Hofbauer

strapped leather-shoes after different findings and original pictures

Hair pins (Optional):
made from copper-alloy, after the london findings, more about them here