Viennese citizen’s wife 1350-60

15.02.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing

We would like to show you a full every-day ensemble for the wife of a well earning craftsman or Viennese citizen around 1350-60.

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What you see here:

brazilwood coloured wool-twill and woad-dyed silk, after different original pictures from Austria and Germany around 1350-60, pattern constructed freely referencing the Moy Bog garment, 22 buttons in the technique of the London findings, sewn with wool and silk thread and brass needle after findings from London.  More about it here and auch here

Veil, fillet and chin-veil:
Rectangular or oval veil from white wool-gaze. More about it here and here
Veil pins from brass and red coral after the London findings

Kruseler (optional):
Kruselerveil (ca 3,20 m in length) from specially made fabric by Sylvia Wiechmann with undulated edges More about it here

Paternoster (optional):
after different original pictures and findings, made from bone and coral pearls as well as white silk  More about it here and here

Dyed with buckthorn-berry and indigo with brass castings, made by Nikolaus Hofbauer More about it here


What you do not see:

A shirt from white linnen:
after different original pictures, sewn with white linnen thread, unfortunately we do not have a photo of it yet more about 14 century underwear

from Reseda-Indigo dyed wool-twill, sewn with wool thread in the same colour More about them here
with leather garter with brass buckles, made by Nikolaus Hofbauer

Leather-shoes after findings from Lengberg (Tyrol), made by Klaus Öchsler More about them here


And for Sundays:

Sukenie (optional):
Sukenie sporting spoon-sleeves from madder-dyed wool-twill and woad-dyed silk after different original pictures from Austria More about them here