Wife of a Craftsman 1350

02.02.2016 by Rotschopf in Clothing

We would like to show you here a complete ensemble of everyday’s and Sunday’s clothing for the wife of a craftsman or a craftswoman in Vienna around 1350.

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What you see here:

from Woad-dyed wool twill after different original pictures from Austria and Germany dating to 1350, pattern derived from the Herjolfsnes-Findings, sewn with woolen thread in the same colour and brass needle after findings from London. 5 fabric buttons on the sleeves in the technique of the London findings.  More about it here

Veil and chin-scarf:
Rectangular veil after different original pictures from Austria, made from white linnen in plain weave More about it here and here

Paternoster (optional):
after different original pictures and findings, made from bone and coral pearls on white silk tassels  More about it here and here

Leather belt:
with simple decoration and a simple brass-buckle and strap end. Made by Nikolaus Hofbauer More about it here


What you do not see:

Simple shirt:
from Linnen, sewn after different original pictures with white linnen thread, unfortunately we have no good picture of it, we will present you with one here shortly.  Get more information about shirts here

from reseda coloured wool twill, sewn with similar coloured wool thread More about them here
Held by simple garters from Leather with brass buckles made by Nikolaus Hofbauer

Leather-shoes after Lengberg findings (Tyrol), made by Klaus Öchsler More about them here


For Sundays:

Another version of headwear (optional):
Kruselerveil (about 3,2 m long) from specially woven linnen with ondulated edges by Sylvia Wiechmann , wrapped after stone-statues from the church Maria Straßengel Judendorf More about it here

Surcot (optional):
Surcot/Suckl from Reseda-Indigo dyed wool twill after different original pictures from Austria, sleevless More about it here

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